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Community Farming projects

Community agriculture projects

HGT see agriculture development as one of the key components in a developing Africa. It provides both food and employment.


HGT are in the process of funding agricultural projects in a number of African countries.

Greenbank Loans

The grower co-operatives can apply to HGT's 'Greenbank' for a loan to start operating.


Communities benefit through employment and income and the government and country will benefit from the tax payments.

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Great Teamwork

We recognise taking a country to 1st world status is a huge task, but by improving agriculture at a grass root level, the whole country's living standards will be improved.

People matter

People are part of the resource supply chain, supplying the social license to operate in a community. The concept of social license evolved from the more established notion of Corporate Social Responsibility and is based on the idea that companies need not only government permission [or permits] but also “social permission” to conduct their business.

Commitment to the community

While projects are frequently expected to bring benefits to a community — such as infrastructure improvements, education, and job opportunities — we collaborate with legitimate structures within the community to assess the options best suited to their livelihoods. When expectations aren’t met, it can often be traced back to a lack of respect of local customs and values, collaboration within established structures within the community and communication with a community.

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