HGT in Medicinal Cannabis Agriculture

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HGT Cultivating Medicinal Cannabis

Community agriculture projects

Licensed community co-operative grower associations will purchase the seed from HGT and grow out the cannabis, when harvested it will be delivered to the central processing plant.

Central processing

The community growers will deliver the cannabis to the processing plant. This will then be processed into CBD, CBG & CBN oils which will then be exported via the airport to the various world-wide medicine manufacturers

Greenbank Loans

The grower co-operatives can apply to HGT's 'Greenbank' for a loan to start operating. The repayment of the loan will be taken by deducting the cash amount from the revenue due to the co-operative after each crop delivery to the processing plant.


As the expected revenue from processed CBD, CBG & CBN is very high the community will benefit through employment and income and the government and country will benefit from the tax payments.

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Great Teamwork

We recognise taking a country to 1st world status is a huge task, however by putting the huge revenues from cannabis cultivation into the country's economy at a grass root level, the whole country's living standards will be improved.

People matter

People are part of the resource supply chain, supplying the social license to operate in a community. The concept of social license evolved from the more established notion of Corporate Social Responsibility and is based on the idea that companies need not only government permission [or permits] but also “social permission” to conduct their business.

Commitment to the community

While projects are frequently expected to bring benefits to a community — such as infrastructure improvements, education, and job opportunities — we collaborate with legitimate structures within the community to assess the options best suited to their livelihoods. When expectations aren’t met, it can often be traced back to a lack of respect of local customs and values, collaboration within established structures within the community and communication with a community.

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