• 2022 Projects in Eswatini.
    Estimated project costs - $10bn USD
    Planned start date - June 2022

The Kingdom of Eswatini's $10 billion Projects

HGT represented by Sellbridge (UK) and POTS (Eswatini), are engagesd in on-going negotiations with the Royal family & the government of Eswatini to run the $10bn infrastructure projects at the KMIII airport within the Kingdom. These projects consist of the following elements:-

  • Development of a Tax free trade zone with manufacturing, commercial and banking districts at the KMIII airport
  • 2x Thermal power stations a 50MWe at the airport and a 600MWe near Mpaka
  • A 'Smart City', the city centre will be near the airport
  • An entertainment zone with a new hotel an casino and a 125,000 seater stadium.

These projects will be fully financed by HGT and partners and discussions will reopen in early 2020.

Our Partners


HGT plan to appoint a world class team who will be on the ground during 2021, if all negotiations are succesful.

Power generation Projects

Location - KMIII Airport area

HGT plan to construct a 50 Megawatt power station at the KMIII airport and a 600 Megawatt thermal power station fuelled from a re-opened anthracite mine near Mpaka, the new thermal power stations are 'Green' and will produce 'Zero' emmissions.

New Tax Free Trade Zone

Location - KMIII Airport.

A new Special Economic zone is planned near the KMIII Airport, complete with manufacturing, commercial, banking and entertainment zones.

New 'Smart City' centre

Location - KMIII Airport

A state of the art 'Smart City', the city centre will be constructed near the airport, allowing the government to onwardly develop the suburbs in the future.

Tax Free Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Manufacturing zone

HGT and partners are planning to construct manufacturing facilities in the new SEZ to attract foreign manufacturers to the country.

Commercial zone

HGT will develop the zone with a shopping areas, a banking district a new Bonded warehouse area


During planning, space will be allocated for entertainment zone including a new hotel and casino and a 125,000 seter stadium.


The construction of hospitals, fire stations, police stations, commercial premises, schools and recreational buildings.


Water and water treatment, Sewers, and power infrastructure, must all be taken into consideration during construction.

Road infrastructure

Roads and transport infrastructure will be constructed servicing all the SEZ and smart city areas.

Important Information


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