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Why HGT For your Construction partner?

Lots of experience

HGT have completed mass housing projects all over the world. We can bring all of that vast experience to the table, which helps to ensure a successful project.


HGT strive to undertake projects that are profitable and economically sound and have economic benefits for the country. But we also look for ptojects that have a humanitarian benefit for the people in the project country.

Housing technology

With the population of Africa predicted to rise to 2 billion people before 2050 there is a huge shortage of housing. HGT have access to the latest technology for the development opf rapid deployment low cost housing for Africa.

Town & infrastructure development

We strive to improve the area for the locals weherever we run a project. Improvement in local facilities and infrastructure strenghthens the bond between HGT and the local community.

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Housing crisis in Africa

The majority of African countries are facing a housing crisis as a result of high population growth, increased urbanization, poor urban planning, dysfunctional land markets, rising construction costs, proliferation of informal settlements, and underdeveloped financial systems. Nigeria with a deficit of 22 million housing units, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo with a deficit of three million units, and Kenya, South Africa and Madagascar with a deficit of more than two million or more. With a deficit of over two million housing units, Kenya needs in excess of 50 billion U.S. dollars to adequately address the issue of affordable housing.

Sellbrige Finance

HGT have the financial muscle to finance the largest of housing projects. We are currently financing a 60,000 govenment housing scheme in the Republic of the Congo. HGT have an advanced technological solution for the rapid deployment of mass housing schemes, that is not only energy efficeient but also lower cost.

Finance methodology

“Adequate quality housing is critically important for economic growth and social inclusion,” said Mamta Murthi, the World Bank Group’s Acting Vice President for Africa. “Governments will need to join hands with the private sector to facilitate investments in housing by expanding access to and improving the quality of existing stock, while at the same time making it easier for people to access land and housing finance.”