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  • IT Infrastructure Projects

    HG Technologies together with our partner HG Technologies (SA), a specialist IT organisation offer our services to countries and governments for the implementation of sophisticated modern IT solutions. For example we are currently engaged in various IT projects such as implementing Foundation ICT in schools, support strategies for open distance Learning. We are also talking to the government of Swaziland about implementing full biometric monitoring and data systems for Home Affairs.

  • Schools Programs and Education

    HG Technologies wish to see education given the highest priority in the future and ICT is a major element in the curriculum. HGT often get involved in assisting countries to provide a better education for the young people. For example in Eswatini through our partners Diplomat Communications (SA) we are running a program to roll out free internet access for all of the government schools and we would like to go further by building each school a computer laboratory to go with the internet access.

IT Infrastructure

The key to modernising a country is to start with a good I.T. strategy.

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