• Clean Energy
    from coal - Draig Energy Centre

  • Custom Designed to suit

  • Unique Design that sets
    modern standards

HGT's unique thermal power generation solution

Each HGT - Draig Energy Centre is a state of the art facility, laid out with drainage, a road system, pavements, street lights, lightning conductors. Landscaped with paved areas and decorative bushes and green shrubbery.

These are fully designed to make the power station an attractive place to work.

Control Room

The control room is 'State-of-the-art' with large screen monitor displays (60inch) showing critical operations, video feeds of the combustion, chimney data and all possible operational information such as power developed and MWe exported, resulting in money earned. The overall site as clean and tidy and a pleasant place to work. The control system is computer software based and enables three scada large screen monitors and two smaller monitors, to display all available sub-section screens and video streams from many safety critical areas.

One such control room can process the entire power station of any size up to 600MWe.

Dedicated Support

HGT - Draig operations take over the running of the plant from the commissioning team.

They train the local employees until they are certified to our standards.

At this stage fuel production is tested, the power production program started and several training scenarios are carried out with the power station isolated.

Then tests are carried out to put power onto the grid system..

Make HGT your power generation partner

HGT can completely support your Power projects by
providing Unique Draig Energy Centre, Increased Power Generation and Top quality design

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The Multi-fuel power station

Draig's Power Stations can work on almost any solid fuels such as:- Coal or Anthracite, Biomass such as Wood Bamboo or Bagasse, Biofuels such as pelletised Wood or Bamboo even Waste Derived Fuel.


Clean operation on fossil fuels or biomass with almost "Zero Emmissions".

Important Information