• 2021 Projects in the ROC.
    Project costs - $20bn US dollars
    Start date - February 2021

The Republic of the Congo's $20 billion Projects

HGT represented by Sellbridge (UK) who have been appointed by the government of the Republic of the Congo to run the $20bn infrastructure projects within the Republic. These projects consist of the following elements:-

  • A new Container port at Pointe Noire
  • 600MWe and 800MWe Hydro electric dams on the Congo river
  • 1,500km of new high speed railway to the northern border
  • 60,000 houses in a government sponsored housing scheme.

These projects are fully financed by HGT and are due to start in early 2021.

Our Partners


HGT will be appointing a world class project mnanagement team soon, who will be on the ground at the start of the feasibility study project around February 2021.

Hydro Electric Dam Projects

Location - Congo River

HGT will be constructing an 800 Megawatt hydro electric dam on the Congo river near Brazzaville, and a 600 Megawatt hydro electric dam further down the river nearer to Pointe Noire.

New High Speed Railway

From Pointe Noire to the border with Gabon in the north.

1,500km of new high speed railway for passengers and cargo, will be constructed, linking Point Noire with the border with Gabon in the north of the country.

New container port

Location - Pointe Noire

A state of the art new cargo container port will be constructed at Pointe Noire. This will link up with the new rail line to Gabon. Making the Republic one of the biggest trading hubs in this part of Africa.

Government Housing Project

60,000 government houses

HGT are experts in the construction of low cost rapid deployment houses.


HGT will overlay a complete satellite internet coverage


During planning, space will be allocated for entertainment and religious facilities to be erected later by the government.


Hospitals Fire stations police stations


Water and water treatment, Sewers, and power, must all me taken into consideration during construction.

Road infrastructure

Roads will be constructed servicing all the government housing areas.

Project images

Example images of the forthcoming projects.

Important Information


18 Avenue de la Paix,
Reublic of the Congo

T +242 0208 123 0000
F +242 0208 123 8888


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