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Africa's No 1 developer

HG Technologies are partners with our organisation Sellbridge (UK) Ltd. They have a vast experience of providing funding for large infrastructure projects. We are very happy to partner with HG Technologies on major projects in Africa.

Michael Hart-Jones
Sellbridge CEO

Where we are running projects

Republic of Congo

Container port, Hydro electric, Railway and Government housing


Platinum and Zinc mining and Medicinal cannabis


King Mswati III Airport development project


Medicinal cannabis & Muzarabani Wilderness Reserve.


Oil and Gas project

South Sudan

Oil refinery & Smart city projects

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About us

HGT combines and integrates our highly advanced and proven methodologies and applied construction technology within a single framework that proves useful in significantly advancing the field of Construction Management so that other companies and project owners can have the opportunity to adopt and adapt these integrated forms of managerial, process control, human capability, and Construction Technologies to achieve superior project value.

  • Modern Design Concepts
  • Local Community Projects
  • Humanitarian Projects

HGT only consider projects that include humanitarian benefits for the local people. We aim to improve the living standards on the African continent as a whole.

Our Partners

Previously completed projects