• Possible Projects in Zimbabwe.
    Estimated project costs
    $16.5bn US dollars

Zimbabwe project 1 ($500m USD)

HGT have been in negotiations with the the government of Zimbabwe to obtain licences for a large project in the north of the country. The project is split into 3 parts:- Medicinal cannabis & processing, Hydro-electric dam game reserve and finally the construction of a town and small airport.

  • Development of a new town and airport near the cannabis plantation
  • A 20,000ha site for the growing and processing of medicinal cannabis.
  • The construction of a 35MWe hydro-electric dam to power the town and cannabis processing faciities.
  • The opening of a new 'Wilderness reserve' on 40,000 ha of wilderness land in the mountains.
  • This project has been estimated to require in the region of $500m and will be financed by HGT and partners and discussions will re-open in mid 2021.

Zimbabwe project 2 ($16bn+ USD)

HGT have been approached and asked to consider financing the Zimbabwe power generation plan. This plan consists of the replacement of several old thermal power generation plants and the construction of new thermal power stations over a planned 10 year period.

  • The addition of a new 5,000MWe thermal power station next to the Stste Owned thermal power station. There are a known 200 years of coal reserves nearby.
  • The expansion of a 10MWe bio-waste thermal power plant by the addition of a new 1,000MWe bio-waste thermal power station.
  • 4,000MWe of Hydro-electric power in a single or multiple locations.
  • 19,800MWe of solar power generation plant to be in addition to the current projects of 200MWe being installed by private investors.
  • 2,000 MWe of thermal gas powered energy generation plant near the masssive newly discovered good quality gas reserves.

These projects have been subject to delays caused by the political instability within Zimbabwe.

Our Project Partners


Subject to succesful negotiatons, HGT will be appointing a world class team who will be on the ground post contract.

Power generation Projects

Undisclosed Location - Zimbabwe

HGT through its sister organisation Draig International (power stations), are in discussions with the Zimbabwe government regarding the construction of a 5,000 Megawatt thermal power station near the existing 700MWe State owned thermal power plant. This could be achieved in 50MWe stages over the course of a 10 year period. HGT could be granted a mining licence and operate the coal mine, siting our thermal power station near the mine. HGT would prefer to be an Independent Power Producer, selling the power to the electricity company. HGT's power station designs run cleanly and would produce zero harmful emmissions. The mine and power station will provide additional employemnt in the area.

Medicinal cannabis, New Town, airport, hydro-electric dam and game reserve.

Undisclosed Location - Northern Zimbabwe.

A 20,000 hectare plot of land is being proposed for the development of a medicinal cannabis plantation with a state of the art processing plant, to extract the essential oils from the hemp. The site would be made up of 19,800 hectares of outdoor industrial hemp plantation for the production of CBD, CBG CBN ^ THC oils and 200 hectares of cannabis grown hydroponically in poly-tunnels for the production of THC oils. The essential oils would then be packaged for export via the local airport and sent to Medicine manufacturers around the world.

New town and airport.

Undisclosed Location - Northern Zimbabwe

A new town is planned to be built in the same area as the medicinal cannabis operation in order to house the workers at the cannabis processing plant. A new wilderness reserve on 4,000ha in the nearby mountains is being considered to improve the local tourism opportunities.

Medicinal Cannabis

Hemp Vs Cannabis

The 19,800ha of outdoor industrial hemp contains zero THC so will pose no security threat. The 200ha of hydroponic poly-tunnels for the production of the THC oils, will be under the highest security.

Medicinal cannabis processing plant

A new processing plant capable of processing up to 10 tonnes a day of cannabis into medicinal oils, ready for export to 3rd party pharmaceutical companies outside Zimbabwe.


A new town with housing estates will be built near the project site. Providing accommodation for those displaced by the project and all the project workers.


The town will need Hospitals Fire stations police stations and all other service buildings.


Water treatment, pipes and Sewers for a clean water supply. A hydro-electric dam and all other utilities to create a functional town must be included during the town town planning.

Road infrastructure & Airport

All roads and transport infrastructure connecting the town to the outside world must also be included in the town planning. A small new airport will be built on the outskirts of the town.

Project images

Example images of the forthcoming projects.

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